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Alissa Stevens is an ecopreneur, “Star Wars” nerd and relentlessly positive champion for radical transformation. For her, sustainability is an opportunity to mobilize communities and have everyone win and thrive. It’s about providing opportunities for people to have more of what they love and crave while transforming the health of our planet and people. 

Alissa enables organizations to drive their sustainability impact mission forward. For six years, she has shifted consumer mindsets and created meaningful stakeholder dialogues for companies such as Sustainable Brands, Activision and Fully Equipped through platforms and global campaigns. “Get Real” is her passion for the planet personified, a platform that allows consumers and eco leaders around the globe to connect anywhere anytime.

She’s not a scientist or a 30-year veteran in the field—yet. So why should you listen to her? Because she knows what it’s like to feel intimidated, confused, angry, powerless and even resigned about the state of our world. She offers a fresh, practical take on the biggest issues of our time and makes them accessible to you—no complicated science or eco jargon—complete with actions you can take to realize big impact as an eco leader in your daily life.

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Scott Donachie, CEO of CZW

Best in Class

Informative and engaging this podcast is exactly what businesses and consumers can enjoy to find out what is green, sustainable and environmentally friendly without all the PhD jargon.

The Get Real podcast bridges the gap between corporations brand’s messaging and consumers understanding without all the fluff. I would highly recommend!

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